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2016 Plus

Is there a way to change the order of the Openings Library.  I use windows the most and items like Vent, Niche, Arch & Cross

much, much less. However,windows is alphabetically at the bottom of the list.  Often some of the door menu trees are expanded 

leaving the Windows Menu not showing within the Openings menu resulting in more scroll up and down than I'd like.   I think if

I were able to re-order the overall Openings Menu I could reduce the amount of scrolling required.



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You can rename the one's you

You can rename the one's you prefer with a number in front so it will be at the top and you can select the order this way.

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You could resize the bottom

You could resize the bottom of the dialog box down until you see all the categories of openings. This will stay the same size even after you close a project and reopen another.'s picture
Openings Library

Hey guys thanks for the responses.   

Great idea on renaming using numbers.

I didn't realize if I resized the box it would stay that size each time I opened it !

Thanks Again