Notes Space ( Or Lack Thereof )

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Notes Space ( Or Lack Thereof )
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2014 Plus

Whenever I am making a Note and I want to expand to use the full screen Note Box rather than the small box that initially opens when

you make or edit a note, I find that the top part of the screen where I type the note only allows about eight lines or notes or about the

top 1/4 of the page, and the bottom 3/4 of the page is for the note settings i.e. Font type, size, bolding, italics etc.   Over 50% of the

page is empty but seemingly not usable ?


I find it very limiting to only have about eight lines of text viewable without scrolling.  Is there any way to adjust the size so that the

typing area is larger ?




Bill Wimberley
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Note Space

Jim, you can click on the expand button, next to the close X at the top right of the screen and the notes dialog will fill the entire screen. You could also type your notes in a text editor such as Notepad and then copy the text and paste it into the notes space.

If you want your notes to have formatting you can create them in a word processor with all the formatting and then copy the text to Windows clipboard using Ctrl+C. Then in SoftPlan select the Edit tab and click on Paste from Windows Clipboard. Select Multi-Format text as the type to paste. You can then adjust the size of the text by using the Adjust tool.

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Hi Bill, hope you got to take a little time off over the holidays ?


I am talking about the expanded screen.  If I click the expand button as you suggest above, the notes dialogue will

expand to fill the entire screen width wise but it only allows you about the top 1/4 of the screen vertically.  


For most short notes it's OK but I tend to have some pretty long notes for instance on my Project Description the

description note can be quite lengthy or if I'm editing my General Notes I keep on my Title Block page etc.   That's

when the 1/4 screen is quite limiting.



Bill Wimberley
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Holiday? What's that?

No, there isn't any way to adjust the notes area. That is why I suggested creating your larger notes in something like Notepad then copy and paste it into the notes screen.