New Problem... 3D View moving on its own...

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QDB Hawaii
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New Problem... 3D View moving on its own...
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus


So im having this problem with SoftPlan 2016+

the 3d Modeling is moving on its own...
   - Tried restarting computer, shutting down computer.
   - Tried couple different "mouses" and no mouse. Still Same
   - Just keeps on backing up on its own... no matter what i do... cant even close the window and/or save the project.

SoftPlan keeps on crashing... Sent a couple reports from that window that pops up.

Ive actually had this happen a couple times before, but it went away. (on SoftPlan 2014+)

Hopefully there is a way to resolve this :/

Thanks for reading

Bill Wimberley
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That's just weird. It sounds like a possible driver problem. Have you tried updating your mouse driver.

The only thing I have ever had happen that even remotely resembles what you are describing is when I occasionally have a piece of paper or something leaning up against my 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. When things start jumping around on their own that is the first place I look and once I move whatever is touching the SpaceNavigator the problem stops.

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QDB Hawaii
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I turned off the touch pad for the computer...

Took out the mouse driver... tried a couple different Mouses
Changed the batteries

Even when the sensor pad is off... and no mouse attached... (No control of the computer mouse)... the 3D Still wants to drift... lol

Its ok for now.... hopefully it fixes itself again...

One a side note.
i can open up my other projects. and the 3D views work how their supposed to.... i.... really.... dont know whats going on for this "one project"... and its just a kitchen drawing that i need to take rendered pictures of....

Thanks for the quick reply

Hopefully it fixes itself again haha

Take Care

Bill Wimberley
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Must be gremlins. They get excited when they see a kitchen. Just make sure you don't feed them after midnight!