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New Format
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2014 Plus

Hey Bill, did you change the host software for the forum.   I downloaded a new video driver this morning

logged onto SoftplanTuts and I am greeted with an entirely new site view ?  

Can't imagine it's a new video driver though ?


Bill Wimberley
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Hey Jim. It's not your video card. I've been working on a complete rewrite of the site since the beginning of the year. When I originally created the site I really didn't know what I was doing so it was pretty much just cobbled together. I've completely rewritten almost all the code for the site and I updated it over the weekend.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of

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New site

Good job! Big job


Bill Wimberley
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Thanks Yvon. I still have some adjustments here and there to address whenever I can find the time. I had it pretty much the way I wanted it in my local version on my computer. Transferring everything to the live site was largely a process of uploading everything and then adjusting all the settings I had changed on the local version. But there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of settings. So it may take some time to get everything on the live site adjusted correctly. So if anyone sees something that is not working properly please let me know so I can correct it.

The site will work differently for users than it does for me as the administrator so even though something looks right to me it might not work right for everybody else. The differences are primarily controlled through permissions settings that may need to be adjusted.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for additional features I would be open to adding them.'s picture

It's like all changes Bill, it takes a few times on the site for the  flow to become familiar.

Will let you know if anything jumps out.    Right off the bat it shows larger on my screen

going fully edge to edge, and the font is larger.


Bill M
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I like it.  I'll admit I had

I like it.  I'll admit I had to look around to find the forum when I first saw the change.

Nice work Bill.