Multiple Elevation Drawings

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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Multiple Elevation Drawings
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I"m curious on different ways people set up their drawings for plans that have multiple elevation options. I've set up Building Options for Elev A, Elev B etc. But creating Plan Sets in 2014 is cumbersome having to change Options with every different elevation plan set. So I'm wondering if I should create Drawing Modes for Floorplan A, Floorplan B, Ceiling A, Ceiling B, Roof A, Roof B etc. That way I can just change the mode for each page instead of the whole Building Option. 

Any suggestions on this?

Bill Wimberley
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Building Options

One hidden gem when working with Building Options is that each drawing on a page can have its own Building Options selections. What this means is that you can have one page set to show a drawing with one BO. And another page showing the drawing with another BO. So it is not necessary to go through and change the options in order to see the various options. You can simply create multiple pages and have each page display different options. You could even create multiple Plan Sets and have each page within each plan set reflect a different version of the plan.

For example, I am working on a project right now. This plan has various Building Options including an alternate garage, alternate breakfast room configuration, alternate kitchen option, and alternate master bedroom option. I can set up a Plan Set that includes each of these options already selected and I don't have to go through and change the options in order to see them.

One of the pages I have set up is named "As Selected". This page has "Use Custom Visibilities" deselected so that page reflects the actual settings in the Building Options.

Another page is named "Standard". This one is set to display the standard plan without any alternate options.

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Bill Wimberley
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Options Selected

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also have an Options Selected section on the page. For instance if I have the standard breakfast option selected then the list displays "STANDARD". If I had selected the optional breakfast room it would have said "BAY".