Multi-panel Bifold Exterior Doors

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Tami Olsen
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Multi-panel Bifold Exterior Doors
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In the last few years it's become pretty common for us to put the huge bi-fold exterior doors into homes to provide an open feeling between the indoor and outdoor living space. I haven't been able to find any models to use for softplan, though. They have the bi-fold closet doors, but nothing that accordions back like I'm looking for. Has anyone seen any 3D openings for this that I can import? Right now I'm using a blank arch and just drawing lines for the doors, but that doesn't help with my renderings.

Bill Wimberley
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Tami, can you provide an image or a manufacturer and model so that we can know exactly what you are trying to create?

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Tami Olsen
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Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Here's a link from Marvin, which we use a lot here.

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You can create custom bi-fold

You can create custom bi-fold doors and select the elevation panels that you want. If it's only a double panel on each side like one example in the site you identified, then it's just a bi-fold door.


More than that, you're a bit more limited. You can increase the number of panels but it's always in pairs. In my example, I selected 3 so I have 6 panels. The problem is keeping the panels together so it depends on want you need. If it's more important how it appears in 3D. If it can be closed (NNN with door swing =0), than that will show correctly both in plan mode and 3D. If it needs to be open, than that's more complex. If you want to show something like my 3D included, set the door swing to 20 or lower and panels seem to be connected together or close. It's on the floor plan that it might not show up as you want.


Handles will show up on the pair of panels that are set as L or R. Changing the panel settings to N, L or R will also change how it displays.


Otherwise than that, I would imagine you would have to create a symbol but Bill might have a better solution.