Multi drawing on to a Plan Set Page

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Multi drawing on to a Plan Set Page
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2018 Plus

Is there any way to paste a Multi drawing onto a Plan Set page?


Within the Multi Drawing world drawings can be lined up or overlaid precisely, such as orienting a house on a drawing of a site plan (not drawn with SoftPlan's site capabilities just a line drawing). The individual drawings can be moved around and rotated as necessary.


In the Plan Set world this precision and flexibility does not appear to exist.


I am using Plan Sets to put together my drawing package so doing everything in multi mode is not practical.



Bill Wimberley
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Plan Sets

Not quite sure what it is you can't do directly in Plan Sets. Drawings can be rotated, scaled, cropped, and aligned all within the Plan Set. I have never used Mult-Drawings since the first day that Plan Sets came out and I don't plan to ever use them again for anything. If you can be more specific about what you are trying to do perhaps there is a better solution than what you are trying.

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Plan Set vs Multi

Until this exact moment I did not realize that I could mouse dragging with the snap feature turned on to ensure the drawings line up.


Thanks for your reply.