Multi Drawings vs Page Sets

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Sam Peimer
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Multi Drawings vs Page Sets
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I use multi drawings to print my drawings because I use a few drawings at a time which have to be aligned together to produce the outcome. In Australia we have to produce site plans which contain the proposed dwelling, the site plan, the neighbourhood or surrounding houses with habitable and non habitable windows shown and shadow drawings at particular times of the day. This brings the drawings to 4 or 5.


How can I bring all these drawings into a page set and produce the same drawings required?


Any help out there.


Sam Peimer

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Bill Wimberley
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Plan Sets

You can watch this video to help get you started with Plan Sets. SoftPlan 2014 Plan Sets.

If you will click on the Search box in the top right corner of the page and type in Plan Sets you will find quite a bit of information on how to use them.

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