Mouse behaviour problems

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Mouse behaviour problems
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

I am wondering what setting(s) I have to adjust in Softplan in order to get Softplan to recognize a single click on the left hand button of my mouse.

I am constantly having to re-click my desktop selection buttons at the top of my Softplan desktop in order for Softplan to accept my mouse input.  This happens over and over all day every day and it is EXTREMELY frusterating!

I have experienced this problem with Softplan over several versions (years) and over many computer systems including currently on three totally differently configured PC'S and a MAC.

I do NOT experience this problem while using any other software including Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk products so it is definitely NOT a hardware or operation system problem.

Bill Wimberley
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I have never experienced this behavior in SoftPlan. Having said that, I suspect that the problem lies in how you are clicking on the buttons. In SoftPlan, just as in any other Windows program, the "click" occurs not when you press the mouse button down but when you release it. If you were to click on a button and then move your mouse off the button before releasing the mouse button then the action is canceled. So I suspect that you are making "sliding" clicks in SoftPlan where you are moving the mouse while you click and thus the mouse is no longer on the button when you release. Try consciously making sure that your mouse is not moving when you click on the buttons and start retraining your hand when you click.

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Tami Olsen
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I've had mouse issues when

I've had mouse issues when switching between main and child windows, if the model in the child window only regenerates and I don't click into it, it's like it gets stuck over there and I have to click on the model before I can click back into the main windows. But I haven't had any issues with clicking the commands.

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Mouse behavior problem

I have experienced the same issue and it continues.  SP is the only application that I see the problem with and I have experienced with mutiple mice and more than 1 PC.  Looking for a fix

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Mouse Behaviour Problems

Check the "SoftPlan Properties" Compatibility Tab to be sure the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" is checked and that "Scaling performed by" is set to Application.  You can get to the SoftPlan Properties by right clicking on the shortcut icon on your desk top and choosing properties or through Windows Explorer>SoftPlan Folder, right click the SoftPlan Exe file and choose properties.