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Mouse Button Options
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2014 Plus

My staff came to me with a question, that I can't answer: Is their a way to change the default mouse button options? Keyboard Shortcuts, no problem, can't seem to find mouse options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Shaun M. Kogut


Bill Wimberley
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Mouse buttons

Look at System Options⇒Keyboard Shortcuts. Select the Common tab. You will find Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button. If you have other buttons on your mouse that you want to change take a look at the mouse driver for your mouse. I use an Evoluent mouse and it allows me to map the buttons to be whatever I want on a per program basis. The Microsoft mouse I used previously had the same ability.

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As always, thanks Bill. I

As always, thanks Bill. I knew I went to the right place...'s picture
Mouse Buttons

If you use a Logitech Mouse download the Logitech Setpoint Software.  There is an option where you can add Softplan 

so you can program your mouse's buttons how you like.  I have several buttons programmed for specific functions. The

one I use the most is the button I programmed for "Save".  It makes saving the drawing regularly just a bimp of one of the

side buttons on my mouse.


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Mouse Buttons

That was bump not bimp as I typed in the previous post.  


Too bad I can't program automatic spelling correction into the mouse ;-)



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Where is the option to

Where is the option to relocate the pan button (default mouse scroll button)?


EDIT: I used aftermarket software like suggested, it works well, thanks. I just figured SoftPlan would have the option.