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Model vs Floor Plans
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In a one-storey house, do I still need to keep 'Main Floor' under 'Model' or can it be placed under 'Floor Plans'? Or should I copy 'Main Floor' from 'Model' to 'Floor Plans' and rename it 'Floor Plan'? Would any changes I make to 'Floor Plan' be reflected/updated in 'Main Floor'? And to create an 'electrical plan' should I copy 'Main Floor' from 'Model' to 'Floor Plans' and rename it 'Electrical Plan'? Same questions for roof plan and slab interface plan. I am confused and don't get the concept of 'Model' and 'Main Floor'.






Bill Wimberley
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Model Area

The model area is how you define how floors will be stacked for 3D and elevations. So for instance if you have a 2 story house the first floor would be on the bottom and the second floor would be above it in the model area. If you just have one floor then yes you still need to put it into the model area in order to create any 3D views. No, you wouldn't make a copy of the plan to put into the model area. Just drag the plan names up into the model area. "Main Floor" is just the default drawing name that is offered up as a suggestion when you create a new project. There is nothing magical about the name "Main Floor". You can name the various floors anything you like. My standard naming is ML for Main Level and UL for Upper Level but you could just as easily name the floors First, Second, etc. No need to create copies of the floors to make an electrical plan. Just switch the plan to Electrical Mode in your Plan Sets or Multi-Drawings and you have an electrical plan. By switching to the various modes within your Plan Sets or Multi-Drawings you can display all the various sheets you need such as electrical, foundation, roof, etc. You also have the option of "Generating" different plans such as a roof plan and saving this to a separate drawing if you wish.

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