Many issues with is first attempt....any ideas or suggestions how to fix?

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Many issues with is first attempt....any ideas or suggestions how to fix?
SoftPlan Version:

foundation= home should be on slab and the garage floor is suppose to by 12" lower than main home slab.  Why is home floating over foundation?

Roof= roof line going thru windows in front view.


Binary Data main402.6 KB
Binary Data garage27.82 KB
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Don't know if it's only me or what you sent but when I try to open your attachments, it's just a bunch of text.

First, regarding your slabs, make sure that your slabs are on 2 different levels since their offsets are different (edit slab and select Level just above offset), then you can set the level.

Second, verify your wall offset. If for example, your house slab is 4" with an offset of zero, then your house walls should have an offset of 4".

For your roof, in roof mode, make sure that the references circles (some call them lollipops) reference properly your wall. The circle should be solid, not hollow. You may need to do a cleanup or adjust the reference circle for it to attach properly.


Bill Wimberley
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The house is floating because you have your walls set to be offset up 4". That might be correct if in fact you wanted a 4" concrete to be on top of the footers and between the footers and walls above. But you have your slab set down inside of the footers. Your footers are 12" tall with an offset of 12". That puts the tops of the main footers at 24" up. Your main foundation is set to 8" up with a thickness of 4" for a total of 12" to the top of the slab. So the slab is sitting down 12" into the footers. Additionally, the slab is attached to the inside of the footers rather than going over them. To make the slab adjust to be over the footers you must edit the slab and on the Common tab uncheck Cleanup. Then you can adjust the slab to the outside of the footers. Change the Offset of the slab to 24" and that should take care of the main house.

Your garage footers are offset up 4". Since the house footers are offset up 12" there is only an 8" difference between the house and garage footers. If you want 12" then you need to edit the garage footers and set their offsets to 0". Then edit the garage slab and set its offset to 12". Finally, set the offsets for the garage walls to be 8" down.

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Are you able to open file

Are you able to open file Bill?  Those are the files from the 2016 softplan folder.  Am I missing something on the upload?



Bill Wimberley
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Yes, I was able to open them. Something was a little wonky with the links to them though. Not sure exactly why. I couldn't download them by simply clicking on them. I had to right click them and select "Save link as".