Making a solid plane with a hole in it for a firelplace trim

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Bryan in Bend
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Making a solid plane with a hole in it for a firelplace trim
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2016 Plus

I am working on a fireplace and tv wall, and want to have several different surfaces to put textures on.


I have a wall that I inset the tv and fp into.


Now I would like to create an additional fireplace surround to match up the horizontal lines of the tv with tile/metal and be able to easily resize it.  Created a solid plane. Is there a way to cut a hole in a solid plane?


Or other ideas?



Bill Wimberley
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You can't cut a hole in a vertical plane. I could instead make a custom wall and give it a material that is not used someplace else in the plan such as maybe Drywall B. Then you can assign this wall a texture that matches your desired texture. An easier option might be to switch to Interior Mode and add a Wallcovering to that wall and assign your texture to the wallcovering.

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Bryan in Bend
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solid Planes

Thank you Bill:  I ended up setting two different solid planes as layers over each other.  Instead of cutting out a hole to expose the fireplace center I placed an image of a flame on the smallest center plane.  The second plane back, I changed to stainless steel, and those two are in front of the third plane, a modified wall type with a stone face I changed to an interior stone texture.  




Petr Z
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Custom fireplace

Good afternoon Bryan,

I know it's a little late for another opinion, but you can always use the "cross" from the "opening" menu. Unfortunately there is no "cut extrude' or shell commands in SoftPlan to cut holes in solids, as there is in other modeling programs, but there is a way around it. First place the "cross", then fill the backside with a solid and add the fire texture, then use the "cross-custom trim" to size up your exterior fireplace trim, you should be good to go. It gives you the depth perception you were going for and you can even add glass door. It is quick and easy to resize and can be used for other application such as shower caddies and TV alcoves. 

Like Bill suggested "Interior" wall covering for the back round tile works is the way to go.