MODULAR....Modify my drawing or start over???

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MODULAR....Modify my drawing or start over???
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Now that I have my house complete, I've been tasked with dividing it into pre-built sections - basically cutting it into 4 sections to be re-assembled later. Is it possible to do this with my existing drawing, or would I be better off starting over drawing each section???

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If you use the "block cut", you should be able to split your plan as required but will require some cleaning and adding dimensions. You can keep them on the same page or save on 4 separate plans and erase the 3 sections not required on each pages. It depends if you have to assemble the plan or not which I imagine you don't need to. I imagine that your not going to be cutting thru doors, windows or symbols but if you have to, explode the symbol first and for doors and windows, draw over the window or door with shapes before cutting thru.

Bill Wimberley
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I would keep a copy of the completed house just as it is. I would imagine that the porches would be separated out into their own drawings rather than being a part of the cup up house.

I would use Save As to make 6 copies of the plan. In one I would erase everything but the front porch. Cross Erase should work well for that. In another erase everything but the side porch. In each of the four remaining copies erase both porches and use Block Cut to cut the plan up in to 4 parts. So 1 drawing would be the top left. Another top right. Another bottom left. And another bottom right. Then do whatever is necessary to clean up each of the 4 sections to make them complete.

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