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Bryan in Bend
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Lost Textures
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2016 Plus

Somehow I ended up losing file settings for a number of changes I had made over time to textures.

Furniture, stone, tile, wall paint etc reverted back to their original settings, and a ceiling lost its offset, a beam lost its offset, and several custom wall partitions lost their offset. I believe it happened when I opened a wall definition.

One other time I opened a wall definition, did not make any changes and found when I went back to 3d view, that the wall offsets were gone. When I clicked revert it repaired itself.

I went back through a number of recovery files, and every file in the folder had reverted to the old textures. A file in another folder had not lost its textures etc. Seems like textures are saved in the folder, ie spp project.

So If they are lost, or reset due to some issue to original, the whole project file loses the textures? I am doing save as to another folder now to try and calm my concerns but that is kind of clunky.

I manually changed all the errant settings back to what I want, which took some time. I got it all done but except I have two custom partition walls that are showing as transparent now. They both are checked in edit as extract in model.

Now that I have changed all the textures back to the way I want them, kind of leery to go into wall profiles.

Will be calling tech support, but wondering:

1) If any one had a similar issues with lost textures, and what the fix is.

2) how to get the transparent walls to show in 3d. The face of stone shows, but not the top plate and end studs in the wall, that I had put a texture on.

Thank you: Bryan.

Bill Wimberley
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Materials texture and color settings are saved in the Project file. But you can export these settings into a "Material" file which could later be imported back into the same project or another project.

To save a Material file switch to a 3D mode then select File⇒Material File⇒Save. Give the file a name. You can save multiple material files and use them in the same or other projects. For instance you could make various texture settings and then save the materials and call it something like Option 1. Then change the texture settings and save out to Option 2.

To Import the materials switch to a 3D mode and select File⇒Material File⇒Load and select the desired file.

If at any time you want to go back to SoftPlan's default material settings you can load up the 3d.spm file located within the Default subfolder. If you wish to change the defaults that SoftPlan uses for new projects then make any changes you want and then save over the 3d.spm file.

If you had numerous materials change in your project then I would suspect that you either loaded up a different material file or perhaps you had a crash that occurred after you had made texture changes but before you properly closed the project.

Regarding the walls, if you created or imported custom walls and then went to drawing options and selected Reset to System you will most likely get undesirable results since the wall definitions will get written over.

If you want to see wall framing you need to select Options tab, Extraction Options, and turn on Wall Framing.

You asked so many questions in your in your initial post covering several subjects that if I missed something please restate your question.

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