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Load,Save Material file
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I do not understand how to use "Load Material File". I attempted Stick frame but no studs or plate show. could you explain?

When and why do i use these?

Bill Wimberley
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Materials Files

The Materials Files are a way to save and load texture settings. The Stick Frame materials file has the textures for framing members turned on and various other textures turned off. But in order to see the framing members you have to have them set to be extracted in 3D.

While in a 3D view select Options then Extraction Options. Under Framing select all of the framing items you want to show in 3D.

To get back to the default texture settings after you have switched to something like the Stick Frame materials setting you would select Load Material File⇒Default⇒3D.spm.

If you wish to save the current texture settings so you can retrieve them later select Save Material File and give it a name.

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