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Line Format
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Whenever I select a Dashed line Softplan then keeps Dashed as the current default on the Toolbar.  

Often the next thing I'm doing is drawing an Arrow and of course it comes out as a Dashed Arrow

which most often isn't whatI want.   Seems to me that generally we want way more Solid Lines and

Solid Arrows than Dashed so I think it should always default back to Solid Lines rather than to the

last line stylke I used.   I was wondering if there is a way to prevent Softplan from assuming that

since I used one Dashed line that I now want the next thing as a Dashed Line as well ?   


Anyone else find this an issue or have any suggestion ?



Bill Wimberley
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Nope. Some settings such as line styles and pens stay active during the current session until you change them. This is actually a good thing. Otherwise if you were drawing a series of lines and after each line the settings switched back to something else you would be constantly changing settings over and over. You just have to develop a habit of changing your settings back after you are finished drawing something that is different than the normal.

You could always edit your lines after you draw them rather than changing the settings before drawing them.

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Dan Turner
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about them lines.....

I've always wondered why drawing a solid dashed line with any verboten as the Border box is check-marked and grayed out turning off the changes.  That config is usually a dashed line of the specified thickness with a thinner tagging line between segments.

I'm sure there's a reason for it all.  As one time I thought perhaps it was triggered by any line less than a certain thickness that wouldn't print well....but it pretty much applies for all weights.  Drawing straight lines across elevations and Sections that need a little weight and texture....a solid dashed line would be a good thing to amplify any particular area or level.

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I agree with you Bill about

I agree with you Bill about line styles staying active when you are drawing lines, but why can't we have a separate default line style setting for arrows and pointers that is independent of lines. I rarely draw a pointer/arrow with a dotted line. I have put this suggestion into support, but alas I see it hasn't made it into the 2018 version (at least it's not listed as a new feature).