Lets of questions NEWBIEcrossing over from CAD

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Lets of questions NEWBIEcrossing over from CAD
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2014 Plus

Yes, this is a little long, I appreciate anyones help in andvance...trying to teach myself this powerful program.   thanks so much!!


Drawing in my Foundation.  How do I get the foundation outside edge of concrete to be flush with the exterior of my brick on the walls.  Is there a setting I"m missing... (I'm seeing that there are s many properties that you have to know to set up in order to make your life easy)..


Dims.  I'm doing to the dimensions on my plan now and what do I need to set up to by-pass the wall thickness.  The builder knows what size walls they are using.  Also. I have a kitchen wall(bar top) that has a 45 degree in one part. And I'm trying to put an extension line to the inside "point" of the 45 and to the outside of the other corner and it keeps wanting to place them both on the outside.


Walls- is there an easier way to draw 45 degree walls or any angle for that matter.  I'll go change a straight dimension and look at my angle and then its screwed up. I feel like I cant win on that.


Framing.  Do you manual trace to the exterior wall... I'm assuming that's what I need to do so my ceiling joist can bear down on whichever wall I'm using.  How do I perform showing a tray ceiling.


2 story.  I have the floor plan drawing and my stairs inserted.  How do I go about drawing my second floor to make sure my walls are stacking on the walls below?? And how do I give them a starting height and a top plate height so my elevations and roof will pick up correctly?


Again sorry for all the questions looking for some guidance and maybe someone to let me know how their drawing settings are set up on their program to make their life easier in our rushed environment.

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Newbie, thought you got the

Newbie, thought you got the stacking issue resolved at splash.  You probably need to send me or somebody the 2 flloor plans and it will be easy to tell why the floors aren't stacking.         Of course Bill is a master here and may know right away.


The slab under the brick, you would need to go to the wall definition in the Drawing Options for the drawing and the system options if you want to setup future new drawing for this, but this would make the joist & trusses bear on the brick.  I think probaly is another option to do this.   But in the wall definition (can get they for the drawing by editting the wall and the blue tab at the bottom will get you there)  you would make the brick the bearing material, slab keys on that I believe.

To get the interior walls to dimension sides of the wall and not the actual wall, you go to the same wall edit definition and change the dimension and also the extension  to both and this should work.


To change or should say to draw a 45 angle hit F12

or the lock symbol and it unlocks the cursor so it can do angle, hiot it again and it can do any angle, so just draw it thatway  .

Tray ceiling you go to interior mode to draw, and if not showing uo go to options-visible options and turn on in drawing mode.