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Large Files for emailing
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2014 Plus

Is there a way to reduce the size of files for sending by email. Saving as a ZIP file is not reducing it that much.

Dennis Asher
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Jason,  I use 'Dropbox' for

Jason,  I use 'Dropbox' for all my file transfers.  In some cases I have a job folder shared with the person that I need to get the files to.  If you need to get a large file to someone who doesn't have (or want) Dropbox on their computer, you can also send them a link to the file inside of Dropbox.  Hope this helps.

Bill Wimberley
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File Size

SoftPlan file sizes are typically pretty small. The main exception would be if you insert images into the file. The files will grow by the size of the images. Do you have images in your files? If so perhaps you could replace the images with smaller versions. For instance if the images are BMP they will be much larger than if they are JPG. Other than that my only suggestion would be to break up the set into smaller chunks and send in more than 1 email.

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Large Files



if you are sending Softplan files, their is very little you can do to reduce the size. If you are sending PDF sets you can use Adobe Acrobat to reduce/compress the size greatly. If you happen to be using Gmail, you can use Sky Drive to send the files. I think you get a couple gigs free storage with a basic Gmail account which is large enough for most any file.

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Thanks guys for your help. I

Thanks guys for your help. I do use DropBox with my contractor but for whatever reason the trades don't. I do not have any images and offered up Zip file. But he's still not happy.