Lake House needs a Lake

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Lake House needs a Lake
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2016 Plus

I am in the process of finishing a lake house.  My customer would like to see some water in the rendering.  The lake comes up about 8 feet from front of walk out basement.  Has anybody added a lake type feature from Softplan or do I need to import a 3d picture and if I do how are you guys doing it.  Sorry I am just starting out in the 3d rendering game.  I really need a class on importing 3d objects to be used in renderings.  Thanks again.

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It depends on your site plan and how complex you want it. One option is while on your site plan, draw a planting bed and edit the surface after while in 3D to water. Could also be done with solids and editing the surface again to water or sand or whatever you need.

Probable best option is just to have you background of a lake. You just have to save the pictures (Jpeg) to your 3D>Textures>Backgrounds folder. Included is a lake background that you could use.