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Matthew Perry
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Kitchen Base Cabinets


Is there any way to change the depth of one leg of a blind corner kitchen base cabinet?

I see you set legs with different widths,  But I don't see any options for having left and right legs with different depths.

If not, is there another way to put in a corner base cabinet that has different depth legs?

I'd like the left to be 36" (start of a peninsula)  and the right to be 24".



Bill Wimberley
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Kitchen Base Cabinets

Since you didn't include an image of what you are trying to do I'm just guessing at the configuration you are talking about. The only way I can think of doing what you are describing is to just add a 12" cabinet on one side of the blind cabinet. But since the cabinets won't join up correctly when you do this you will get a dividing line in 2d and you will have to manually draw in the countertop for 3D.


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