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Jumpy LInes
SoftPlan Version:
2016 Plus

Often times when I'm working in close to some lines as my cursor gets close the line segments

start getting jumpy, almost like a magnetic field is making the lines try to move away from the

cursor.   I've shown two pics below.  One are diagonal lines before I approach with the cursor

and the other shows how some segments of the diagonal lines move away ( jumpy ) from the

cursor as it gets closer.    Sometimes there is quite a bit of jumpiness when I'm in close editing

and it's rather distracting.   Any ideas what causes this ?




Bill Wimberley
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Jumpy lines

That's just weird. I've never heard of or seen anything like that before. Looking at the 2nd pic it appears as if the lines are broken, but they aren't. They only "appear" broken. So I would look at your video driver and possibly video settings as the culprit. Have you recently made any video driver updates or changed any settings for your video driver?

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Kimberly Rippentrop
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Jumpy Lines

My computer does this too. I think it's the video driver. I've checked and mine is up to date so I can't suggest a fix. I just zoom out a bit to make sure the line is straight. Or I'll check the angle of the line.