Intersecting Walls and Beams Issue

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Intersecting Walls and Beams Issue



I'm having ongoing problems with two intersecting walls and a beam. Illustration attached.


What I find is after correcting this with the fillet tools it keeps reverting back to how it displayed in the attachment.


Any help and direction is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks



Softplan2014 - AUS.

Bill Wimberley
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Hey Peter. A few things could

Hey Peter. A few things could be going on there.

  1. Are the intersecting walls the same height or near the same height? Walls of differing heights can often have difficulty joining properly.
  2. Have you edited the "Wall Join Tolerance" for either of the walls? If the Wall Join Tolerance is set too low on and end of the wall that can prevent walls from joining.

One other thing to try is to edit the beam and adjust the Wall Join Tolerance for the left side of the beam and set it to 0". This should prevent the beam from affecting the walls. If none of that works upload your drawing file and I'll take a look at it.

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Thank you Bill, I'll give it a go.


Great website!