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Interior Door Framing
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Has anyone found away to adjust an interior door so it will set only three inches from a wall. I have tried adjusting the trim and have had no luck. The purpose for doing this is that when you frame an interior door you want to be at least 3 inches from the adjoining wall to allow for standard trim. Right now it does 3.5 inches which means the framers have to put a strip of half inch sheeting in the wall and I want to eliminate this.



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Go to "Drawing Options" _

Go to "Drawing Options" _"Dimension Options" _ "Opening Options" and adjust the Frame Clearance to 3"

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Thanks, that is exactly what

Thanks, that is exactly what I am looking. Now another question that is along the same line. Interior doors have 2 inches add to the opening for the RO size. Exterior is using 3 inches. I there a way to globally change all exterior doors to only add 2 inches for the RO?

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RO size

Unfortunately, when making most changes to openings, you have to go thru one by one to modify. Usually, you create one opening and use that one to create the other sizes. That's why it has the same allowance for the RO. Don't know if the openings you're referring to were created by you because most stock windows and doors have the same size for the frame size and RO. I don't really use stock openings.