How do you turn on 'Remodeled Walls'?

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How do you turn on 'Remodeled Walls'?
SoftPlan Version:
2014 Plus

I just signed up for a SoftplanTuts account today and am a new user of Softplan+2014.

I'm having a hard time understanding walls
I've looked through the Forums and am not finding anything that serves as a good 'tut' on understanding the walls.


Therefore, I've started this one.


My last softplan version was V12 and we really only used 20% of the program.

We drew everything in plan and then elevations are drawn separately as 2D drawings.

We never used 3D other than for simple spacial exercises.

Our walls were not great but we made them work and never made any new ones after we had the basics we needed.

Now with the new program I'm hoping to take advantage of all the powerful tools, even though we may still draw 2d elevations for awhile because we're so used to being able to create the level of detail we've come to expect. We'll get to 3d eventually I promise.

For now, my main question is: How do you turn on the 'remodeled walls' list in softplan?

I was able to do it on my work computer but when I open new drawings on my home PC I get the stock list of all new walls.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great 4th






​I didn't see a forum started so I had sent this to Bill W. privately.

He responded and suggested that in the future, I ask all questions here in a forum so other's can gain the same knowledge and answer/ask questions of their own.


I decided to copy/paste my question and his reponse here for others to see.


Thank you!




Bills reply:


Hey Adam, and welcome to SoftPlanTuts.

  To turn on the Remodeler Walls select File-->System Options-->Define Wall. You will see 3 choices of types of walls to load. Standard, Extended, and Remodeler. Just select the one you want to use. Bear in mind that this will delete any custom walls you may have created in the System Options. It will not affect any drawings you have already created but it will affect any new drawings you create from that point forward.   I normally encourage people to ask questions about SoftPlan by using the Forum. This way others can join in on the conversation and help out. Also people can search the Forum for answers to their problems but they can't search my emails. :-)   Have a pleasant 4th. Bill Wimberley