How do they do dat?

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Dan Turner
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How do they do dat?
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2016 Plus

Perhaps I'm just tired this evening.....but, I saw the attached at SoftPlan/Remodel/Bath webpage and thought..."nize."  But in trying to get the elevation colors, shading and doesn't look like an easy process just to get an elevation to dimension and dress up a page or section of a drawing.  


Going through the tutorials in PLUS, there's not a reference to a method to I'm assuming a product for display from a designer; which is outstanding for catching one's eye and adding to the roll of plan pages.  But....if there's not a easy, off the shelf manner to pull this off...for those in the remod/renov business buying into the product....I'm wondering about the appearance of a product not performing as depicted.

I was hoping to wrap up tonight with an interior elevation for the lady of the house with all the dimension lines to kill two efforts with one push....graphic of what goes where and how; and dimensions on the vertical plane for both horizontal and the vertical.

It's a nice set up....nice workable illustration....but surely not a "push button" process in "Remodel" and something not addressed for the PLUS crowd.



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Interior Elevation Dimensions

Hey Dan, 

Just searching for this very feature. Did you ever find out how to do it?