How can I: Make a stone bottom siding top wall definition.

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Bryan in Bend
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How can I: Make a stone bottom siding top wall definition.
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Hi: I am trying to make a wall definition for a 2 x 4 exterior siding wall: The goal is:  36" tall 2 inch thick stone bottom, a 2.5 inch stone cap, and standard siding from 38.5" up.  I think I am close on the stone, and the cross sections look right, but in 3d it shows the same thickness as the top siding A, instead of 2 inches, and the stone flickers on and off up another 2 feet or son as if the offset or something is not right.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have enclosed my current definition. Thanks.  

Bill Wimberley
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I see a couple problems with your wall definition. First of all you said you wanted a 2.5" stone cap yet there is no stone cap in your definition. Another problem is that you are using Siding C as your stone. Why not use stone for stone?

When defining a wall you must first determine what the outermost material is. You said you have a stone cap but you did not say what size it would be and how much it would protrude over the stone below. I would recommend manually drawing a cross section of the wall using lines. That way you can work out all the materials and the heights, horizontal starts, vertical starts, etc. ahead of time. Then start defining from the very outside of the wall and work your way inward. So for instance if your cap overhangs the stone below by 1" then you would start by defining the cap and give it a horizontal start of 0". Next you would add the stone and give it a horizontal start of 1". And so on as you build the wall. Of course it is often easier to make a copy of an existing wall which is similar and then modify it to create the new wall.

I would also recommend changing the Display Height. Your Display Height is currently 44" which makes the wall appear to be a siding wall. If you change the Display Height to something like 24" you will be able to see the stone and get a better feel for the actual width of the wall. Changing the Display Height raises or lowers the green dashed line in the cross section. The Display Height defines at what point you see the cross section when looking at the wall in plan.

Looking at the "Fixed" column the Sheathing should not be fixed. The sheathing is fixed at 96" but you have a 10' wall so the sheathing stops at 8' and there would be no sheathing above that point if you have it fixed.

Since you did not include a drawing file with that actual wall I can't comment on what the flickering material is. If you will provide a drawing file with the wall I can take a look.

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Wall definition

Here is an example of a wall. This one has brick but as mentioned by Bill, use stone instead.

Bill M
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I would think this still

I would think this still applies and was very helpful to me.


Bryan in Bend
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Thank you: All three comments

Thank you: All three comments helped me get the the wall to work correctly. :)