How To Straighten A Deck Edge

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How To Straighten A Deck Edge
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Sometimes when I am tracing out a deck if I happen to have "Snap" turned on I will discover after the fact that

one of the edges of the deck is not actually at 0 or 90 degrees but that the 'Snap" function has actually snapped

to something unwanted thereby leaving me with a deck edge that is slightly off square - maybe 0.75 or 89.3

degrees or some such thing.   Without redrawing the whole deck again is there a simple way to straighten the

affected edge to back to where it is supposed to be i.e. 0 or 90 ?


Thanks, JimC

Bill M
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Jim I'm not sure of the

Jim I'm not sure of the answer to your question but for discussion I can say I have tried adjusting a 3D polygon that I have drawn as a slab before and couldn't get it completely straight.  Did you try using the snap tool with the adjust command?  I wonder if this can be avoided by using the locate dialog and choosing what to snap to?   As I said, for discussion.

Bill Wimberley
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Temporary wall

Simple solution. Draw a wall. Adjust the deck edge to snap to the wall. Delete the wall.

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