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How To Get Fascia
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I always have trouble getting fascia to show on the upper level of a shed or butterfly roof.   See pic attached.

I have the roof set as Hip on the lower edges, Gable on the outer edges and Intersect on the upper edges.

How do I resolve this ?


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Hi Jim


Not sure why you have the upper as in intersect? Seems as if it should just be set at hip which might solve things.

Bill Wimberley
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Gable Roof Edge

Make the top edge a Gable rather than an Intersect. An Intersect has no fascia or soffit. After changing to a Gable you will need to switch to the Soffit/Fascia tab for the gable edge and change the soffit to Rake and increase the Fascia Depth so that the gable soffit lines up with the side soffits.

If you want to use a wall up to the gable rather than using "Gable End Provided By Roof" you can edit the gable edge and uncheck "Gable End Provided By Roof". Then edit the wall and select "Fit to Roof". This will make the wall stretch up to the roof but there will still be a space between the top of the wall and the soffit. To fill this space edit the wall and select "Fit to Soffit" under Adjust Wall Surface to...

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Yvon, I tried using Hip but where there are intersecting roof lines the Hip will try to add either a

valley or hip as the case may be so that was not an option.


Bill W. I never would have thought of using gable at these locations as fundamentally it makes

no sense, however if it works then that is what we will do.   I will test it out.


Ideally what would maek more sense is to have the Intersect selection have an overide which

adds the fascia back on, or an entirely seperate option for this type of circumstance.


What I did as a workaround in the meantime was to add some banding and offset it up to suit !


Thanks for the feedback guys !



Bill Wimberley
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Hey Jim, an Intersect is just as the name suggests. It is an edge the "intersects" with another roof plane or with a wall. It has no soffit or fascia because those locations would not have them. Intersect edges have some aspects of a gable in that they can follow a plane just as a gable does. But they can also be set to "Auto Pitch" which will allow the intersect edge to folow up a roof plane until the two planes intersect, such as when two roofs intersect and form a valley. Since the top edge of your roof does not intersect anything then the proper edge would be a gable rather than an intersect. If the top intersected a wall or another roof then you would use an intersect.