Help On Stairs - Just Winders

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Help On Stairs - Just Winders

See Sketch Below - How do I make just the winders  as a seperate stair section ?



Bill Wimberley
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Angled Stairs

Jim, that top section of stairs is an Angled Stair. You can draw one from scratch by selecting Draw-->Stair-->Sketch-->Angled. You can also take an existing stair that has an angled section and explode the stairs 1 time. This will break the stairs up into the various components. If you want to merge them back together then just do a Cleanup on your drawing and the stair parts will merge back into a single stair unit.

Also note that the angled stair you have in your drawing would not pass code in most areas. Most codes require a minimum of 6" at the smallest side. You can achieve that by giving the angled stair a larger Radius. So for instance the stair width might be 3' and the radius might be something like 3'-6" in order to get the wider tread on the small side.

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Angled Stairs

Thanks Bill, I did already play with angled stairs and couldn;t really get what I wanted but I will play some more with this tomorrow or Monday. 

Actually the whole set of stairs including the rises in the straight run would not pass code - the drawing is of an existing ( old ) flight of stairs

which does not actually form a part of the addition/reno work this client is doing but I was just doing an as-built of the existing as part of the

overall plan views.


The actual winders do not extend into the upper floor the way you are showing yours.  The upper floor and the mid landing are flush.