Help! Convert from Softplan to Autocad

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Help! Convert from Softplan to Autocad
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Hi everyone. I've recently downloaded the Softplan 2014 free trial. I need to convert plans from SoftPlan to Autocad Architecture, but this version doesn't allow me to do it. It's because it's a free trial? 

Even if it allows me to, can I convert exactly a Softplan file to Autocad? Or it's better if I redraw it??

Thanks and happy new year!


Bill Wimberley
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Export to AutoCad

Hello Josefina. I don't know about the free trial version but the paid version has good translation to and from AutoCad. Check and see if the Export functions exist in the Trial version. It would be under File⇒Export and select either DWG or DXF.

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Hi Bill. I've checked before

Hi Bill. I've checked before and the option to export to DWG is disabled. I'm glad to know that it has good translation.

Thanks for your help!