Greyed Out Pop Up Menus

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Greyed Out Pop Up Menus

Recently when I select some items with a right click to get the pop up menu what I get is a ghost of the box shape that contains

the various commands. To make the selections appear I have to drag my cursor down the face of that ghosted box for the menu

items to appear ?


It does not happen everytime on all items but could happen several times in one drawing.  I've tried it on a couple of different

projects including on system project drawings and it does the same thing ?


Anyone have any ideas what might cause this ?

Jim Crook

Bill Wimberley
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Greyed Out Pop Up Menus

I've never seen that happen. I suspect it is a Windows issue. Have you tried rebooting your computer and see if that clears it up? Are there any programs that you recently installed or updated?

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Greyed Out Windows

Bill, I have rebooted and am trying to reinstall a recent Nvidea Driver update to see if that makes a difference.  Have installed a

couple of other programs or updates recently as well ?   I've forwarded an inquiry to Tech Services to see what they say ? 

Good to see you back online !