Garage Walls

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Garage Walls

I have never really made use of "Garage Walls" vs Walls when drawing a house.   What is the distinction ?

Is it strictly a Softlist thing or is it just so you can setup the properties of the garage wall differently i.e

to show insulation in an adjoining 5.5" garage wall versus a 5.5" interior plumbing wall ? Or is there some

other reason I'm not aware of ?




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Garage Wall vs. Partition Wall

Garage walls are set up to be load bearing, with insulation, drywall "A" on interior, and drywall "B" on exterior in order to define fire rating.

I don't know if there are any other differences.


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I use them on every project,

I use them on every project, but not for softlist.  When calculating 'Areas', the garage walls act as a barrier b/t living and non-living space.  It saves me time to use auto trace as opposed to manual trace.  They print the same on the plans, so the customer never sees the difference.  B/c they are load bearing, they also make drawing a slab easier. 

- Cory