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Garage Doors

Is there a way to add hoizontal sections to an OH Garage Door ?


Is there a way to add glass ( windows ).  I can add windows from the wall but can;t adjust the frame depth and position to appear as if it sits in the door and not the wall.  See Pic.




Bill Wimberley
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Garage doors

Hey Jim. The appearance of openings, including garage doors, is controlled by the Elevation Opening assigned to the opening. So to have windows in your garage door you must draw them in on the Elevation Opening using Opening Shapes prior turning it into an Elevation Opening symbol. If you assign a 3D model to the Elevation Opening then SoftPlan can reference the 3D model when displaying the opening in 3D. If you do not assign a 3D model then SoftPlan will use the lines and Opening Shapes applied to the 2D Elevation Opening while in 3D.

Please refer to the tutorial All About Openings (which apparently I neglected to finish the series so I will see to that in the next few days).

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This is kinda off base for what you are doing, but it may help. 


I use a custom wall with a custom profile to make my OHD's on the many larger post-frame style buildings that I sell.  For these, I find that using the profile on a wall section gives me greater versatility with the windows in the door.  Many times the customer wants only 2 windows, or maybe a section or two down from the top.  It is time consuming to create new symbols for each configuration.  


In this rendering I have placed openings "Blank" into the brick wall with the appropriate size I need.  I then place my custom wall over top of the opening I created.  Then I place the windows (Casements) into the OHD custom wall.  Size and place them accordingly and voila.


It's actually pretty easy once you do it.  I keep them hidden for printing purposes.
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Custom Wall OHD

Interesting concept. 


It would be nice though if we just had more flexibility within the edit menu to alter amoutn of rows and columns that make of an OHD as well as the additon of glazing where we would like it.   The various current solutions just seem to be a long way round to acheive something.   We can insert openings anywhere we like in a wall, why not in a door ?   And I would think making a door a five section stack rather than a 4 section stack should just be the click of a button ?