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Gable Wall
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First off, what a great site.  Amazed at the amount of knowledge here.

I am having a problem making a gable wall work.  Here are the particulars and what I need it to do...

1) I need the gable wall to have 2 different types of siding (split horizontal)

2) Gable is over beam on covered porch

3) Need custom window in wall

Here is what I have done and why...

1)I cant use roof to provide wall since I need the siding split and also custom window (tried making gable vent a window but the window cant be customized)

2) I made new wall type with Siding A and Siding B and placed it on top of beam (wall type pic attached)

3) I fit wall to roof to rake top but when I did that the bottom also raked and went weird

I hope all this makes sense.  Is there a way of making this work?  I need all this for 3-d purposes.


Thank you,

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Gable wall

Is it possible that you raked your beam and the bottom follows it?

Bill Wimberley
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Miles, can you also provide a

Miles, can you also provide a 2D elevation drawing showing how the siding is to break as well as the size and location of the window?

Bill is the owner and maintainer of

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This is a wall over the

This is a wall over the garage not the porch like I stated before.  My problem is still with the porch area, but this is the end result I need.

Bill Wimberley
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Split Siding

Ok, since your window is in the split that adds a little twist but not impossible.

Here is what I would do:

  • For the bottom section of the split set the wall at the proper offset to get the bottom correct.
  • Set the height of the wall to make it the proper height for the split. Edit the wall and on the Common tab uncheck Cleanup.
  • Temporarily make the gable into a hip. This will create a roof sort of like a bullnose roof. Then use Fit to Roof to add the slopes to the wall. Afterward switch the roof back to a gable.
  • Add your window to this wall and set the proper location.
  • Create another siding wall type that uses Siding B.
  • Draw this Siding B wall a foot or so behind the lower siding wall.
  • Set the offset to be at the same elevation as the top of the siding A wall. Edit the wall and on the Common tab uncheck Cleanup.
  • Use Fit to Roof to shape this wall.
  • Add a flat arch to the Siding B wall and size it to cut out for the window below.
  • Move the Siding B wall into place to line up with the Siding A wall
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Wow... Don't think I would

Wow... Don't think I would have ever gotten to that on my own.  Thank you sir.