Gable End Treatmet

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Gable End Treatmet
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I am trying to replicate this gable end board and batten detail.

Is there way of customizing the size of the board and batten because it seems like I can only get the entire gable end to be the board and batten and not the combination in my CAD elevation.


Paul G
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One Way to Do It.

There's probably other ways to do it but this how I did it. Create a second floor plan (even if it's a one story home) and use multifloor roof to put the roof on in the second floor plan but referencing the first floor walls. Uncheck
"gable end provided by roof" in the roof edge options. Go into drawing options and save the 2x6 siding wall as another name. Edit this wall to have the siding only on the top half of wall. I also made the siding only .5" thick and the sheeting 1" but the molding covers the transition so you might not have to do that. Using overlay place the new wall directly over the first floor wall and in wall options check "fit to roof". Your sheeting will be showing but you can then edit your textures to whatever you want. For the molding I just created a new symbol using the front elevation drawing. I'm not sure what the bottom of the gables are doing. I've never seen them built that way, around here anyway. This is also the method I use when I need to put a window in a gable but not including the "making a new wall" part.'s picture
Another Way

I have two copies of my most common wall definitions for this purpose i.e. 2 x 6 Siding A and 2 x 6 Siding B.

It only takes a couple of seconds in the wall definitions to take the 2 x 6 Siding and rename it to 2 x 6 Siding A,

once that is done, select it again and save it as 2 x 6 Siding B, and in it's own definition change the siding to 

Siding B.    Assuming Siding A is setup with horizontal siding then just setup the new Siding B wall with Vertical


Now when you go to select walls you will have two of any of the walls you've done this for.  

For your example above once you unchecked "Gable End Provided By Roof" the wall used for

the gable end typically defaults to the one using Siding A.  I would then just add a wall the width required and

offset it up to be part way up the gable ( wherever you want it ) and check fit to roof.   Also once you've got things

where you want them, place that Siding B wall on an Invisible Layer so it doesn't show in Plan.  As long as you

leave this wall ( Siding B ) slightly proud of the Siding A wall it should give you the effect you desire.