Frost Walls

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Frost Walls
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How do I include frost walls on my drawings? The footing option doesn't seem to give me the desired effect, especially in elevation drawings. I want to have a 24" footing that is 3' below grade with a frost wall on top of that. Is this possible with Softplan? If not, is there a way to manually draw this into the elevation drawings? 



Bill Wimberley
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If I understand you correctly you want a footing at the bottom and then a frost wall (whatever that such thing here in TX) then the regular wall above that. I would suggest creating a wall with a footing. Then at the bottom of the wall create your "frost wall". Then on top of that goes the normal wall. So the frost wall would have a vertical offset of 0" and a height of whatever the frost wall is. Then the bottom plate for the normal would have a vertical offset of whatever the frost wall height is. And so on as you build the wall.

If this does not get you going perhaps you could provide a drawing of exactly what you are trying to create.

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Frost Walls

Bill, Frost Walls are just foundation walls ( typically, concrete block, poured concrete or Insulated Concrete Foundation i.e. ICF )

that contain no basement within. They are strictly foundation walls that extend down into the ground below the frost line in colder

regions to ensure that the footings get below the winter frost to prevent heaving.  Where I live in Ontario we have to ensure that

the bottom of all footings or piers are at least 48" below finish grade to ensure that we are below the level that frost penetrates in

the winter.  To answer the question on frost wall any block, concrete or ICF wall in Softplan can act as a Frost Wall.