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Tom Sams
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Fractional Values
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I'm not too sure how many carpenters use the 32nd of an inch line on their tape measures, but I for one only use the 16th, if I'm wearing my glasses, and it's not too hot, that is!  Hell most carpenter's pencil leads are 1/8".  So, with that in mind, is there a way to round the dimensions on the drawings to reflect the nearest 1/8th of an inch?  I seem to be wrestling with the 32nd.


Thanks, Tom

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Once i about have a final

Once i about have a final plan, I go thru and adjust most stuff, walls etc. to get to even halfs, or some times quarters.  My Interior wall are 3 1/2" or 5 1/2"   I measure the exterior walls from the outside bearing.


I start with getting the outside walls to an even foot and inches.    Once this is done , the rest works to good numbers.    Probably the key to this is to be sure of how you are deminsioning the walls etc.


Also 2014 has , with the dimension edit at "show text" and the ability to round to from 1/16 up to 1"  or type in what you want.   If you wanted everything to be to the 1/4" you can change and edit one deminsion and then repeat box edit the whole drawing and change them all.


Another thing on dimension edit I recently found is the "horizonal" that place the top to bottom deminsions to the left-right for easier reading.  NICE

Bill Wimberley
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Tom, how are you doing your dimensioning? Do you wait till the end and then dimension everything or is dimensioning part of the drawing process?

When I am drawing a plan I dimension everything as I go. That way when I get to the end I know that everything fits as it should and I don't have to go back and adjust a whole bunch of things such as cabinets and electrical because the walls moved during the dimensioning process. I dimension all exterior walls, walls that intersect an exterior wall, and openings with extensions and dimensions on the outside of the plan. For interior walls I just run dimensions across the house left and right and up and down to catch all the walls. During final cleanup I will adjust the interior dimensions as needed to put them in the proper place.

Fractions are something that I never have on my plans with 2 exceptions. Since my walls are 3 1/2, 5 1/5, etc. sometimes it is inevitable that I will end up with a few 1/2" dimensions here and there. But I try to keep them to a bare minimum. The other time I get fractions is with angled walls. If I can't eliminate the fractions on angled walls I will edit the dimension text to be an even number.

Now about the 32nd inches you are getting. SoftPlan draws on an 1/8" grid if you use the normal cursor. If you use the small cursor then anything you draw is not snapped to this 1/8 inch grid. So if you draw with the small cursor on then you will inevitably have fractional dimensions all over the place.

Another thing that can cause fractions to start appearing is moving or block moving with Cursor Lock turned off. If you move or block move with cursor lock on and the normal cursor then everything will always remain on the 1/8" grid. If you move or block move on a diagonal by turning cursor lock off then it is very likely that you will be moving things off the grid. I never move on a diagonal. I move horizontal and then move again vertical. If you move the plan off the 1/8" grid and then start drawing more items and they are locked to the 1/8" grid then you will have fractional dimensions anywhere you added new items.

So, dimension as you go, use dimensions to move objects into place, use the normal cursor, and don't move anything diagonally and you will find that you hardly ever have any fractions to deal with.

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