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Fractional Characters

I have never tried using the Fractional Characters before but rather just typed fractions in at full size i.e 5-1/4" .

I remembered that there was a chart of special characters and rooted around and found it.  The one that requires

you to press Alt + 0188 ( different numbers for different fractions ).  Problem is I can't figure out how to get anything

to show up ?  I must be doing something wrong ?  I open the Notes dialogue box > Detail Note > then press Alt plus

0188 and the only thing that shows is 0188 not 1/4" as I thought would be the case.   What am I missing ?



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Fractional Character Followup Question

The reason I am even trying to figure out how to use the Fractional Characters is due to the following scenario;


I make a Section Detail that requires a bunch of dimensions.   I want it to be two or three times larger so I can

add the notes and dimensions required.  However when I double the size of the detail I also double the size of

the dimensions i.e. an 8' tall wall now becomes 16' tall but that is not how I want to have the size shown I want

it to show 8' tall.   So I can either fake the dimensions by adding a two ended arrow and a detail note showing

the real dimension ( hence the previous question about showing fractional characters ) or is there anther way to

tell Softplan to dimension the item in the 1 to 1 size and not the adjusted size ?   This is before adding the drwg

to any multi-drawing groupings.





Bill Wimberley
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Use multi-drawings

Hey Jim. Instead of adjusting the size of the actual drawing make your details on a separate drawing. Then use multi-drawing to bring your detail into the detail sheet at any scale you desire. Because the actual detail does not change size the dimensions remain correct.

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