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Users group,

   I think all of us, especially the fairly new users of SoftPlan, would acknowledge that Bill and a few of the power users have provided a great resource in this SoftPlan Tuts website for all of us.  I find that this is my go-to location when I am wondering how to best accomplish something in SoftPlan.

   Over the last several months, I have been collecting a list of topics that I would benefit from having some additional insight into. Some of the topics are philosophical, or looking to see how several others approach similar situations, and some are project specific.

   Maybe we can divide and conquer a few subjects, without adding to Bill’s already heavy schedule.  There are about 550 names in the directory as users in this group, of which about 10% have been added this calendar year.  Bill has personally answered or commented on a vast majority of the questions posed.  He has an unparalleled ability to answer the question, and shed insight sufficient to provide solutions for other similar scenarios.  Probably like many of you, I am somewhat intimidated and don’t jump in to answer questions that I could answer without requiring much effort, knowing that there are more eloquent ways to reply than what I may offer.

  Prior to me posting a list of some of my own questions to have answers to, I assume that many of you feel the same way that I do.

  1. This SoftPlanTutus site has many great answers and discussions.
  2. Many others in addition to Bill Wimberley could be contributing solutions here.
  3. Other than specific issues that the SoftPlan Technical Support Team provide, this is the best location for many answers and solutions.
  4. Working as a single architectural resource in an organization leaves you without others to turn to for answers.
  5. The users-manual and videos provided by SoftPlan do not capture enough detail to be a sole source of knowledge to complete the job.
  6. Maybe there could be a format that homegrown solutions and shortcuts could be shared, to help each of us be more productive.
  7. There are many additional topics that could be discussed, providing even better tools for each of us to use.

   I would be glad to start some of the discussion topics, but I don’t want to load Bill personally any further and would like to know how many others would be willing to help with this group effort.  Maybe one of the first steps might be to gather a list of topics that would be beneficial for many of us, and subdivide them to be contributed by smaller groups of users.

What do ya’ll think?

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Forum Topic Volunteers

Randy, some good thoughts and I certainly agree that Bill makes the lion's share of responses and is an invaluable resource to the

many users who frequent his forum.  He certainly deserves any and all accolades and recognition he might receive.  It's always a

challenge to to get something going that numerous folks will contribute to.  Lots of folks will submit input or a response to a question 

on an ocassional basis but other than a few regulars like Keith, Yvon and a handful others who provide significant input I think most

people come either for a quick look around or maybe are themselves looking for answers.  I think most people don't come by on a

regular basis but rather on a hit and miss basis.  I personally might pop in every day for awhile then not be by for a week of so. I can

only suggest you submit some of topics and see where it goes.   I know it's tough to gets this stuff started and running with regular

contributors but all you can do is start and see how it goes.   Good Luck !


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I would have to agree with Jim. I try to help has much as possible but my job constitute a lot of work beside drafting (plans, estimating, programming, ordering, coordinating, ...) so I can help with items as much as possible but couldn't take on something that would be to structured and specific time demanding.