Fonts are slightly larger in 2016

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Fonts are slightly larger in 2016
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2016 Plus

I just noticed that my font is slightly larger in 2016 than it was in 2014.  When printing a plan set I saw text leaking over the edge of my border.  I went back and opened the same file in 2014 and the font fits the box.  Has anyone else experienced this?

- Cory

Bill Wimberley
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Larger fonts

Cory, I have noticed that fonts are rendered slightly different in 2016. The only place I have really noticed it are with a couple symbols that I use to designate that the concrete is lower in the garage or porch. The text in the symbol includes a box outline. And I use shade break lines drawn around the box on the plan in order to prevent the shade paint from covering the text. When I open a plan from 2014 in 2016 the text box has grown slightly in width so that the shade break lines no longer are exactly on the edges of the box. But the height is still the same. So it would appear that text does display slightly wider in 2016.

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Bill or anyone is your text blurry in 2016??

When viewing drawings now in 2016 our text is practically non legible zoomed out to view a couple

of rooms at once. I am attaching a screen shot from 2014&2016 zoomed the same, and the capture

is the actual size, its not reduced or enlarged. In the picture you are viewing if i had gone one more

zoom click out, 95% of all the text would not have been readable. Thanks Bobby