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Tom Sams
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Fonts & Arrow Heads

I am having some trouble making changes to the arrow heads and fonts.  I have changed them in several catagories, under system options, closed the program and reopened it, but when I load the project file and use the arrow drop-down to enter some notes, the arrow heads and characters remain as they were when I loaded the program. I seem to be able to edit them from the drop down box when I enter the notes, but that defeats the purpose of setting up defaults.  In other words, my new defaults are not what's being provided.  I have insured that my note type being used is consistant with the note types I changed.


Any thoughts?


Thanks, Tom

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Tom, changing the system

Tom, changing the system option on this will assure that future new plans you create will be set with these defaults,    But on plans already created, you need to open DRAWING OPTIONS while the plan you want to change the default is on the screen and change it in the drawing options.

Tom Sams
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Fonts and Arrows

Thanks, I was under the impression that it would change after closing and reopening. But I did change the system options and then imported the option changes to the project options and all is well.  By the way, is there a method to copy notes & leaders from one drawing to another, i.e. front view to side view, and while I'm at it, is there an automated roof-pitch triangle anywhere that you know of?


Thanks again for your help.



Bill Wimberley
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Copy notes

Tom there are several ways to copy your notes from one drawing to another. What method you use depends on your situation.

SoftPlan has a clipboard similar to Windows clipboard. Select the Edit tab then Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard. Draw a box around what you want to copy. Then switch to the other drawing and select Paste from SoftPlan Clipboard. When pasting you can choose to pick the position to paste or you can select Hold which will paste the items in the same location they were on the other drawing.

If you have a certain type of object that you want to copy and paste all of the same type objects you can use Selections. For instance you can right click on a note and in the dialog box that opens select Add Group Selection and all notes will be selected. Then select Copy to SoftPlan Clipboard. When you paste then all of the notes will be copied over to the other drawing.

If this is a note that you use over and over again you can turn them into Symbols or Speed Notes that you can just drop into your drawings just like any other symbol.

Automated Roof-Pitch triangle? If you are talking about something to place on your elevations to indicate the roof pitches there are symbols available for that. They can be found at Draw--> Symbol--> Exterior--> Pitch. If you are looking for something that will indicate your roof pitches while in Roof Mode you can switch to Roof Mode and select Options--> Visible Items--> and in the roof visibility options place a check next to Roof Pitch.

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Tom Sams
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Fonts & Arrows

Thanks Bill.  I noticed the other copy tool "Copy from Windows Clipboard". I'm assuming I can make standardized notes in say, MS Word, and then copy them to my drawings?  Fantastic. The more I get to work with this program the better it gets. I guess it's just a matter if finding the tools and knowing what to look for also helps. Thanks for the help.