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Flush Beams
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2016 Plus

Nine times out of ten when I'm designing an addition or deck the support beams are dropped beams.  But every once is awhile

the design calls for flush beams where the joist are hung off the beams.  So I do up my main floor plan, copy and save it to

create my foundation plan, erase everything I don't want on the foundation plan and then proceed to place the piers and support

beams for the building and decks on the foundation plan.   I then add both the the foundation and main floors to the Model.  The

problem I struggle with is when stacking the main floor on top of the foundation the building and decks want to treat the support

beams like dopped beams and they want to stack ontop of the beams.  If I try to raise the beams to be flush ( within the floor )

the building or deck just rises up ontop again.  So I go through the process of un-checking Cleanup on all involved components

inclduing the floor system, walls and beams thinking that since nothing should cleanup then Softplan should allow the beams to

be pushed up into the floor or deck to become flush beams.  But alas that is not the case Softplan still pushes the building or deck

up to sit ontop of the beams thereby continuing to treat the beams as dropped beams and not allowing them to become flush beams.

I've even tried Anchoring the Floor and Walls but all to no avail.  I suppose I could draw the beams using Solids to get around this

but thought there must be a way using beams to make then Flush without having the structure above keep moving upwards.  Is

there some process I'm missing here.  The attached jpeg shows the beams that I'm trying to push upwards into the floor assembly.



Bill Wimberley
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Ring Joist Count

What if instead of adding a beam you just increase the Ring Joist Count for that edge?


Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Flush Beams

Hi Bill, thanks for the suggestion.  I have in the past added individual joist in so that they show as beams in Section.

I guess in your scenario I'd have to go into Visible Items and check Ring Joist to be visible in the foundation plan

drawing to represent the flush beam that otherwise would normally be placed as a beam not a joist. I do not typically

show the actual joist on the foundation plan just the beams with notes regarding the joist.

I was hoping that I would be able to add the beams as normal on my foundation plan ,add foundation and main floor

to the Model and be able to make it work using this standard workflow using beams rather than using a joist workaround.

I guess whatever works though, right !!   Thanks Bill 

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Flush Beams

I just went back added the extra ring joist and then went to my Foundation plan and opened Visible Items to check Ring Joist thinking I would

now see them as representing beams on my Foundation Plan - Duh - I just added the ring joist in the Floor System of my MAIN FLOOR plan

not the Foundation Plan so of course the Ring Joist wouoldn't show on my Foundation Plan !!! 

My mind works in less than marvelous ways sometimes :-)    

Therein lies the issue, if I delete the normal beams on my foundation plan so they don't act as dropped beams in the Model, then I have

no beams showing when I want to create a drawing in plan for the Foundation. I could use Solids to draw them in for Plan drawings and use

the Ring Joist trick for Sections and Renderings, or I could place the Beams on a Building Option Layer and turn them off when creating a 3D

from the Model guess.  Just seems like there should be a way to move beams up into the floor assembly without having to make workarounds.  

Seems to me if I uncheck cleanup for everything that should in effect make items act like solids with no particular affiliation to other entities ?

Think I'll make a suggestion to Tech Services .

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Flush beam

Jim, if your deck is on the ground floor and the beam on the basement plan, if you use the "Reference Circle" point in a corner on the ground and basement plan away from the deck, that will anchor your 2 levels together at that point and you can edit the offset of your beam as required without affecting the positioning of your deck.

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Flush Beams

Yvon, I understand what you are saying but in this case there are beams for both the addition and the deck.  

There is no basement, the addition is on piers and beams.  So the beams for both are on the Foundation Plan.  

When I use the reference circle it wants to stack the building and deck ontop of the foundation beams.  In fact 

Softplan's Reference circle is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Bill suggested using additional Ring Joist which gets me around the stacking issues and places the beams in the

correct place within the floor so that things look correct in Elevation & Section, but at that point I don't have any

beams showing on my foundation plan.  I can get around this by using lines for beams to show in plan on the 

foundation plan or use beams placed on a Bldg Layer and turn them on and off as required when printing or

saving a PDF.   It just seems that I have to use a workaround when I think there should be a way to remove the

Reference Circle's Stacking glue.  Like I said to Bill I don't know why unchecking Cleanup doesn't do the trick ?  

Thanks for your feedback, always appreciated, JimC