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SoftPlan Version:


I got Softplan few week ago , coming from ChifArchitect 

I have an issue and would never wright , if I did not try to do what can .

I watched all DVDs and Read a lot of info here and other sources 


My Problem is : 

- When I want to SAVE AS a plan copy , and name it as a Second floor lets say - Nothing appears in the NAVIGATION MENU !? 

​I try multiple times ,and watched videos , people seem to save it and it appears at floor plans , than you would drag it up if want ...


Please advise any one ? 

May be some kind of settings some place ? 

Thanks ! 



Bill Wimberley
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Save As

Hello Viktar. The Save As function is just a normal Windows function like you would find in any other program. There are no special settings.

I made a short video to demonstrate how it is used.

Using Save As

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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Bill ,

Bill ,

 Thanks so much

Its Exactly what I do , but it does not appears in the Navigation menu under floor plans

Thats the problem !

Its getting saved in folder - but not going to Navi menu

Is there a particular folder it has to be saved in ? I am all Default settings from factory


Bill Wimberley
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Types of files

Viktar, evertything gets saved to the same folder as long as you don't tell it to save it someplace else. The Navigation area contains different areas such as Floor Plans, Elevations, Cross Sections, Interior Elevations, etc. These areas are not actually separate folders, they are just different positions within the same folder. For instance if you generate and save an Elevation plan it is automatically placed in Elevations in the Navigation area. But you can move it anyplace you want. It is just a visual method of keeping to keep similar files together.

If you create a Multi Drawing, which is a drawing that also contains one or more other drawings, it will be automatically placed down at the very bottom of the list. This is because Multi Drawings were the old way of combining files before the new Plan Sets came about. Multi-Drawings are still supported and of course there are many who shun the Plan Sets in favor of the Multi Drawings either because they don't yet understand the Plan Sets or they have a special case where they need to be able to export their drawings to DWG and Plan Sets do not allow for that.

So, anyway, if you had turned your file into a Multi-Drawing and then used Save As to create a copy it is possible that it is way down at the very bottom of the list, in the Multi Drawing section.

If that is not the case then I do not have any idea what the problem is. I have used Save As thousands of times and have never had a drawing disappear.

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 Thanks for another advise 

I would noticed it,even  if it was in the other spot in Navi menu 

It is not appearing anywhere , but as I mentioned I do see it in saved files 


It may be a problem with a folder where it get saved , 


Also , my file does change Name if I rename it , but no new one appears 

basically if I go Save As

My File gets New name if I type it , Old file gets exchanged and thats it ... 


I do just like you did on your video 100's times and would not work . 


Thanks again , i will try to contact tech support  

Bill Wimberley
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English characters

Viktar, are you naming your drawings with standard English letters or are you using special characters or characters from another language? That was my last possible guess. Hopefully Tech Support will be able to help sort out whatever the problem is.