Floor Plan Location on Plan Sets

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Floor Plan Location on Plan Sets
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Have been using SoftPlan for about a year now and still learning a lot each day!  So far, really impressed (coming from a long time AutoCAD user)

Is there a way to "line up" the floor plans across the plan set pages, so that they are "stacked" when flipping through a printed set?  It seems like each time I add my floor plan to a plan set page, SP will center the plan at whatever scale it deems best.  Not sure if there is a way to control this or not???





Bill Wimberley
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Aligning Plan Sets

Hey Mark, unfortunately there is no really reliable way to align the drawings from page to page. You can try adding the drawings by right clicking the name of the page then select Add rather than dragging the drawing onto the page. You might be able to get satisfactory results that way.

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Hi Bill,

Hi Bill,


Rick clicking is the way I have been doing this and it seems that SP will scale and center on the page based ont the extents of whatever that particular floor happens to be.  Not a huge deal but would help on multiple floor homes for sure. 

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I do this by having a drawing

I do this by having a drawing on each plan set page in the same location- aligned to my title block.

I put a reference point on there that I align each floor plan to so they stack.

I have this saved in my template.

I've suggested to Softplan to have an automated way to do this.


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I will definitely look into

I will definitely look into this when when i get a chance.