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Floating Toolbar


I have Softplan 2012 and I make extensive use of the Floating Toolbar. 


However, it drives me crazy that the toolbar shape changes with regularity i.e. I have it setup as a square

yet sometimes when I open a drawing and hit the right mouse button to open the toolbar it is now a

rectangle spread across much of the screen etc. etc.   


Does anyone know if there is some way to lock the toolbar so that it stays in the shape and configuration

that I set it to.   It's not a really big deal to change it as it is only a matter of dragging one edge of the

box to resize/reshape it, but it is an aggravation.




Bill Wimberley
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Floating Toolbar

Jim, I haven't seen that happen. But then I don't use the Floating Toolbars anymore. I did use them extensively in V14 and earlier but I was starting to have problems with my hand from all the excessive double clicking. Now I use keyboard shortcuts and single right clicks almost exclusively. There are a few commands that I haven't mapped to keyboard shortcuts but they are ones that I don't use all the time. If you right click on the screen you get a list of available commands and if you right click on an object you get a list of commands that you can perform specific to that object.

But as far as a cure for the adjusting floating toolbar I don't have a clue.

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Right Click

You know I haven't really used the right click the way you are suggesting,  I will have to try it to see how it works for me.

I have mapped most of my keyboard with commands as well as using the Floating Toolbar. 


I use the floating toolbar for alot of the action commands, such as overlay, cut, extend, type erase, visible items etc. etc.

some of which aren't available with the right click.  I'm adding a screen capture of my Floating Bar.   I once had Soft-Talk

working well with Vs 14 as well which helped to reduce the amount of mouse clicks.   But I have never been able to get

it working the same in Vs 2012.


Certainly having a number of ways to initiate commands is preferable and both speeds drawing and reduces fatigue on the

mouse hand.