Flat Roofs?

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Flat Roofs?
SoftPlan Version:

Is there a way to adjust the roof system in softplan to produce flat roofs? We have been building alot of contemporary styled flat torch on roofs at about a 2% slope. I currently cannot find a way to properly draw this in softplan.


Any hints or tips are welcome!



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John Vanderwoerd
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Flat roof

Hi Ryan

Whenever I do a flat roof, I set the soffit drop to 0" and then set my roof pitch to .24/12 Which would be 2% slope. This will show you the propoer slope for drawinge and all. For it to be completely flat, you would set the pitch to horizontal.

Bill Wimberley
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Flat Roof

Select the Edit tool and click somewhere in the middle of the roof. Change the pitch to what you want, perhaps a .25 pitch and set the heel height to be the same thickness as your rafters. Edit all of the roof edges that are not to be on the low side of the slope and turn them all into Gables. Only the edges on the low side of the roof will remain hips.

If this produces different roof planes and you want the entire roof to be flat with no offsets then select Edit ⇒ Match Roof Planes. Click on the section that you want the be the lowest then click on another plane. Keep clicking roof planes until you have one solid flat roof.

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