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Bill M
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Finished wall question
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2014 Plus

I'm wanting to further my rendering abilities on interiors and was wondering how any of you folks would approach this.  I'm finished with the drawings for the client so this is strictly for practice.  

The den will feature a vaulted ceiling and when I view it the siding from the gable is what I see above the 9' walls. I went in and looked through the gable finish in the roof edit edge dialog to determine if there was a way to do it there. Nothing there that I could see.  I can't stack one wall on top of another as they obviously wouldn't line up properly.  In this instance would creating a new wall be the only way?  I know Bill W. has outlined this procedure before so I have that to work with if that is what is necessary.  I wanted to hear some others thoughts on it.  

I have attached a jpeg of the interior.'s picture
Gable End

1) Go into roof mode and Edit the Roof Edge for that end of the roof and uncheck "Gable End Provided By Roof".

2) Go back to drawing mode or to your 3D rendering and edit the wall in question and select "Fit Wall To Roof"

That should do what you want.   In fact you might even be able to just do step # 2 and I think Softplan may

take care of Step # 1 just because you did Step # 2, Not 100% sure on that last thing though ?



Bill M
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Thanks for the reply Jim.

Thanks for the reply Jim.  The problem with doing so is I need the siding up in the gable but the lower part of the wall needs to be stone.'s picture

You could use a 2 x 6 Stone Wall below and a  2 x 6 Siding Wall stacked on top ( offset up whatever is req'd ) to form the gable.

If you don't have a 2 x 6 Stone Wall you can create one by picking one of the other 2 x 6 Walls  i.e. 2 x 6 Stucco and Saving it as

a 2 x 6 Stone, then go into the properties of the saved wall and change the Stucco Finish to Stone Finish.  This way Softplan sees

it as a totally seperate kind of wall and won't automatically try to put siding on it.



Bill Wimberley
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Vaulted ceiling

Hey Bill. Is the gable wall the correct height? It appears to be about 3 feet shorter than the other walls. The other thing is that you don't appear to actually have a ceiling. Just a roof. If that is the case then you need to put in a ceiling. Then edit the ceiling and give it the appropriate pitch. This will create a hipped ceiling. If you want a portion of the ceiling to be flat then you would edit one of the edges and make it a double hip with a horizontal top and adjust the distance to determine how far the ceiling slopes up before flattening out. Finally edit the edges of the ceiling that will be gables and change them to gables. Ceilings can be created and modified much the same as roofs.

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Bill M
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Hey Bill, the house was drawn

Hey Bill, the house was drawn with 9' ceilings throughout and I made the front and back walls of the den join the roof so that's the difference.  You told me how to draw a tray ceiling I believe and I thank you for that as I have one to do in the master bedroom.  The one shown I want sheetrock to go to the peak on the outside and inside walls of this room.  Can a ceiling be made to be vertical and more than one applied?  I believe your next to last sentence actually answers this. I have noticed briefly the hip command in ceilings I think.  The area will have a wood beam up in the shown peak and go across the peak to the opposite wall.    

I'll let you know how this comes out.  Thanks.

John Vanderwoerd
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If it is just for the interior 3d pictures, where you would normally put a gable on the ceiling in ceiling mode, set it to a hip end but use a vertical pitch.



Bill M
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John thanks for the post,

John thanks for the post, that's what I was wondering in my previous post.  Haven't tried it yet, got sidetracked and had to finish another project before moving forward.