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Just curious how everyone else manages their job folders ?


I have typically just used an alphabetical folder listing and a client name i.e. I have an A - folder underwhich I file all folks whose last name begins with A, and

a B - folder for last names beginning with B etc. etc.      This works great for looking up projects by name.     What I haven't done and occaisionally wished I

had is seperate out or at leas list the projects by type i.e. New Home - Bungalows, New Homes - 2 Storey, Garages, Decks etc.   


So in other words if a client asks me to show them a few samples of 2 storey homes I've drawn, I don; thave a specific list for this and I have to try to remember what projects might fit.   Now I know this seems elementary and I could simply take some time and make a listing of the various types that I could refer to, but it got me to wondering what others were doing and whether there were some inovative ideas out there ?


Anyone ?



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I do the opposite

When I start a new plan, I classify it by style - cabin - 2 story - split foyer.  Then I list it by lot number or by customer name.

Bill Wimberley
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File structure
  1. Custom Plans
    1. Customer Name
  2. Builder Plans
    1. Builder Name
      1. Major Plan Name
        1. Plan Variation
          1. Customer Name or if no customer then Subdivision/Block/Lot

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david ayers
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I name job folders with

I name job folders with clients' names. If it's builder's project, I'll include something in the name that will distinguish which of that builder's project it is. I don't name plans themselves, however. I assign each plan a number (it's on each sheet of the plans, but not on the folder that contains them) that is width-depth(of the footprint)-heated square footage. 720-568-5783. I like the fact that with this practice the "name" of the plan conveys useful, hard, frequently critical information about it.

David Ayers