Fence Doesn't Show

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Fence Doesn't Show
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2016 Plus

In the picture below I used a fence as a privacy barrier with a pergola ontop.   You see the fence shows up fine

when I do a 3D Render but does not show up when I do 2D Elevations ?   I've checked to ensure it's on a Layer

that is turned on, that it is checked to show in all modes and that in Visibility fence is checked.   Any ideas why

it won't show in 2D Elevation ?


Bill Wimberley
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Some things do not show up in Elevations. Regular stairways and non-bearing walls for instance. For a symbol to show in elevations it must be defined to "Extract In Elevation".

Since you already have the fence inserted in your drawing you can edit the the fence symbol in the Drawing Library and check Elevation and the fence should show. If not you may need to switch the fence to something else and then switch it back so the fence uses the new definition which includes the Elevation setting.


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